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Post Number 9:

First, I have to say, that I Hate this fucking yearning, which is surrounding me, every time this wonderfull girl isn't next to me... It's like, how a dear friend said: "love sucks" . But I can't agree with this, because beeing in love is so beautiful. It's better, that you say: "Yearning sucks" or "Lonelyness sucks".

So, enough of this shit from a yearned, beeing-in-love-felt guy. Let me tell about what has happened these days. Today, I was in school. Writing an halfyear-exam in math, which counts with 50% of my final mark was very exhausting. I think, I've done it very well, but the mark will tell me the truth. Last time, I've got a good mark, so I feel optimistically, now.
Next thing: It was just mere chance, that I have seen a good friend of me. We haven't talked much... But, if your read this, i want to say to you: "You're my best friend, and I'm so glad that it is so! You're important to me. Believe me." And think about it. I will work for our good friendship, and I dont wanna lost it. So, let us meet at sometime. Maybe, we can do something nicely.

The last thing is the same like the first one. I want my girlfriend next to me, so that my "endorfin-gage" will rise and rise... (Hi Holz0r) ;-) ... But, not for the thing you maybe think about, now. I mean beeing together, lying next to me, and these things...

Oh... This "motherfucking" post will get to long...
So i will stop for today... and maybe, we see again in another language^^...

So, dann vielen Danke fürs Lesen...
10.5.06 20:13

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suffl0r (10.5.06 21:15)
ich hoffe du bist jetzt nicht enttäuscht, dass ich deutsch schreibe^^ aber hab jetzt kein kopf mehr alles auf englisch zu schreiben^^
hab mich auch gefreut das ich dich wieder gesehen habe,du bist mir auch wichtig un das weisst du doch auch =) und ich freue mich für dich das du jetzt eine freundin hast, genieße den augenblick...

Öli (10.5.06 21:28)
hey hey meine liebe... was heist hier augenblick^^ ...

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